Charlie Crist, Chased Out of the Republican Party

It seems Charlie Crist is either a liar or he is delusional. And his so called “independent” voters (Democrats in hiding) know weak Meek hasn’t a chance. Democrats are stuck without a good clear choice and they’re buzzing around like flies looking for the freshest carcass to lay their voter egg on. One hopes the

Any which way Charlie

I'm doing this for the people

voters will realize you can’t have it both ways. Charlie is looking out for Charlie and would carry around a cardboard cutout of Lady Gaga if he thought it would help him get elected. Actually, it probably would help his image.

During the primary Charlie changed political positions more times than tanning bulbs and it appears he came out half-baked. The primary debates exposed Charlie to real conservative ideology, and that’s when Charlie noticed the handwriting on the wall—Charlie needed to runaway rather than face the truth. He went into survival mode. And no, Charlie, you didn’t go independent for any other reason than you where chased out of the Republican Party by a real conservative—Marco Rubio


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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