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No “two step” or “side shuffle” for Rubio

What I want to know is your position on term limits. He looked and spoke directly to me and didn’t throw in the “two step”, or the “side shuffle”. He directly stated that term limits are a good idea, and then he smiled and said, “Besides, if I weren’t my wife is”… (I think she may be the boss). Continue reading

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I’m Not Ready for Dirt Floors

Personally, I believe big O’s inaction is partly because of his inability to grasp the bull by the horns because his natural instinct is to take legal action. We hired a lawyer to run our country, what do you expect? Besides, by not doing anything he gains the position of blaming bush, again and the media will fail to take him to task. Continue reading

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What do Comedy, Politics, and Oil Spills have in Common?

Another point of irony is George H.W. Bush setup the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLTF), in August, 1990. The agency currently has nearly $2.8 billion in funds designated for offshore oil disasters. My bet is Big O doesn’t know this fund exists. Continue reading

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