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Transformation to Conservatism: Or Where is My Trophy?

If I were to write a book it would probably be about my journey from a bitter liberal, to a peaceful conservative. The transformation didn’t come easy, nor was it an epiphany—it was  gradual changing of my outlook on life. I … Continue reading

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Democrats asking for $3 Donation

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. I believe this speaks of the base they are appealing to and aligns with their strategy of never setting the bar too high. And, of course, they wouldn’t mention all the networks that donated to the democrat party.

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Too bad Crist chose politics over reason

No matter how you slice and dice, the current system is broken—and in some cases is corrupt. Bad teachers are nearly impossible to fire and good teachers can’t get a pay raise. Continue reading

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Notice of discontinued employment

There is a disconnect between actions and results in Washington, D.C., leading to unintended consequences. After March, 2010, my wife turns 62. She and I have been self employed for nearly 35 years; self sustaining and contributing not only to … Continue reading

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