Whom do you Trust?

Many thanks to my Liberal Friends who inspire me to write…I would be at a loss for material if it weren’t for you!

Today’s society has become a house divided. In my opinion this division is manifested for political gain— by either side—and is intentionally rooted in the strong emotion of hate. It serves the left best where there is division and that division lives off hate because hate creates illogical and contorted viewpoints.

This writing was born out of a failure to exchange thoughtful dialogue between two intelligent people. It began when I responded to the accusations that Fox News is racist” (or at least it was implied) and a worthless channel that distorts the truth with its listening audience [of] blind sponges.  “No news is better than Faux News.”

Fox News as viewed by Liberals

That came from a liberal friend—I’ll call him Aaron. One of the reasons I took the time to respond to Aaron, and the flawed study he quoted, is because I know he is an intelligent person—clouded judgment, yes. Stupid, no. He probably didn’t read the actual study, since more than half the study group thought Occupy Wall Streeters were Republicans.

As we all know, and have experienced, hate affects our judgment and the way we react to information. It also affects which information we choose to believe and what information we choose to ignore. In other words—hate blinds intelligent people.

Liberals, like Aaron, refuse to acknowledge our country is failing in a monumental way. I lived in Detroit in the late 60’s and experienced hate first hand by a group of young blacks (literally, first hand). I learned to be more guarded and eventually moved to Florida. I was angry when it happened, but I understood why they, rightfully, had so much anger. Today the evidence of failed socialism is encapsulated in Detroit and in states like California and New York. Yet still, the left wants to blame others for their demise. Today Detroit is a wasteland of bankrupt ideology. The only thing left standing in Detroit is the staleness of hate. Detroit and California have a few things in common.  Detroit was the birth place of capitalism, free enterprise and the invention of modern-day production—their financial growth eventually fed socialist ideology and policy.  California is a state with the most opportunity—the gateway of transportation by sea, beautiful beaches, pristine mountains, and a diversity of climates unknown in any other state in our union. And, similar to Detroit, their financial growth fed into socialist ideology and policy. They both have a money tree being plucked by Liberal politicians (or more correctly, had a money tree). It would seem simple enough for anyone with a grade school education to connect the dots between success of entrepreneurialism and its demise by overzealous government, taxation, and regulation. Below are two maps indicating the correlation of this phenomenon.

Failing states are indicated in the darker color

Anyone looking at those maps with average intelligence would at least scratch their head in thought—unless they are blinded by hate or some other agenda. My liberal friend is probably scratching his ass rather than his head.

Strong Obama States indicated in Blue

Intelligent people look beyond actions and try to identify the cause behind those actions. Today, hate is used by politicians as a tool of motivation to bring out the vote. Every word from Obama and the left stirs the pot of anger and avoids the dialogue of their failed policy. That or they

shift the blame, usually on Bush. Some of it is deserved, especially when he caved to the liberally controlled congress.

Democrat politicians are taking advantage of the poor by creating the idea that successful people are inherently evil. Obama knows that, and that is why his campaign will drive a wedge into “evil capitalism” and the “evil wealthy.”  Truth is to be ignored by many on the left and replaced with the Utopian idea of “equality for all.” I’ll put that in the same bucket as “World Peace” and “Coexist“. It’s a nice dream, and we should always work toward peace, but most of us live in reality, not fantasy. Unless, of course you’re from the land of Disney.


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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3 Responses to Whom do you Trust?

  1. Rick says:

    Lol, this is truly stupid. Nice try, though!

  2. I guess you’ve decided to shut up…good boy.
    Red Dog

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