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World Apology Tour

I enjoy writing about Senator Bill Nelson, but he is not the only drag on our nation. It’s been suggested, by a fellow blogger, that I turn my focus on the chief thief; Barack Hussein Obama. Okay, I said, you write it, I’ll … Continue reading

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Decadence, California Style

The following piece identifies the results of failed policies that many choose to ignore. It’s sad, but is indicative of how a heartless government can turn their backs/minds to the unintended consequences of their policies, and then act as if … Continue reading

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Liberalism or Conservatism: Genetics or Environmental?

Liberals are quite the anomaly; rational, intelligent, politically knowledgeable, and creative. They have a huge heart and are some of the of the kindest people I know. They are often well intentioned and sincere. Many are in the arts/entertainment field and are very passionate.  As … Continue reading

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God bless America on this September 11, 2010

This country has always defended itself and defended the defenseless. We are not perfect and sometimes we get it wrong, but it is not hate, it is the love of freedom and love of country. It is the best game in town.

God bless America on this September 11, 2010, and especially to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
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