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World Apology Tour

I enjoy writing about Senator Bill Nelson, but he is not the only drag on our nation. It’s been suggested, by a fellow blogger, that I turn my focus on the chief thief; Barack Hussein Obama. Okay, I said, you write it, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Monkey Experiment: Featuring Bill Nelson

An Explanation why the Tea Party Scares Career Politicians Herman Cain and Sarah Palin have something in common; their own party doesn’t want to support them, and for good reason—they don’t fit the mold of polished lawyer types who live in the … Continue reading

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Liberalism Gone Wild

California has become a prime example of how to screw up a good thing without lifting a finger. All you need is the proper mix of lawyers, liberal politicians, a pen, and a little decadence. What better example of liberalism gone wild. Continue reading

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Obama Can Help Charlie Grow a Spine

About the only advice one could give Charlie as he heads for the dark side is to pick up on Obama’s clichéd line just before he’s about to tell a lie—“Let me be perfectly clear”. Continue reading

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