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PETA People are not Insane…Really

It seems like dogs liked eating table scraps 40,000 years ago, and they also liked barking at approaching animals. Continue reading

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Message on Sarah Palin's Hand

Now is the time to purge out the old dogs and bring in fresh ideas that better match the basic foundation on which this great country was built. Term limits need to be imposed so as to bring in people … Continue reading

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Another day older and deeper in debt

Another day older and deeper in debt, Obama don’t call me cause I can’t go, I owe my sole to the government dole. Sounds like the making of a song lyric…I confess, it’s from “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Robert Travis. Most … Continue reading

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Term Limits

Somewhere during their incumbency the corruption begins, and quickly division and partisanship seeps into their actions Continue reading

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