PETA People are not Insane…Really

Really? Yes, people who donate to PETA are mostly sane, compassionate, and caring. The upper management; not so much. Those truly in control are psychologically damaged. You could call them eccentric if you wanted to be nice…and I do want to be nice. In psychological circles there is a saying; “the difference between a crazy person and an eccentric person is their money”. Money, position, and power keep these folks from living on the streets and out of the nut house. Others that fit the profile of insane are Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Howard Hughes, et al. We all know the type and you probably have someone in your life that fits into that category.

So, what’s so crazy about the PETA people? It’s all in their agenda and their agenda makes vegans seem normal. Vegans, for the most part, don’t want animals killed for food, and their agenda is to convert the world to vegetarianism. Nice thought and maybe we should eat less meat. PETA, in a nut shell, (pun intended) wants all animals to live free. Yes, that includes Fe Fe the poodle. So, if you want to become a PETA supporter you should begin by chucking all your pets out the front door. And forget the eggs for breakfast, unless you’re good at climbing trees and stealing bird eggs. It makes you wonder if they have thought-out what the world would be like if we didn’t eat meat or have pets. And by the way, Paleolithic man (cavemen) had a symbiotic relationship with dogs. It seems like dogs liked eating table scraps 40,000 years ago, and they also liked barking at approaching animals. Things haven’t changed too much if you think about it.

And what else makes PETA people a little crazy? If they were driving down the street and a person and a dog walked out in front of them…well, let’s hope the dog is between you and their car. Also, they wanted our president, Big “O” bama to use a live fly trap rather than a fly swatter. Oh, I almost forgot…they’re also liberal, i.e., pro abortion, anti gun, anti God, anti capitalism, well you get the point.


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