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Who is Mending the Flag?

…the commonality that ties all humanity together; sacrifice, tragedy, despair, hope, God, and freedom. If you could summarize the spirit of the intentions of our founding fathers in a picture, they would nearly all be captured in this work of art. Continue reading

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Obama’s Suicide Bomb Vest Set for 2012

His actions seem almost terroristic, since in a way, he is putting on a suicide bomb vest with a November 2012 timer on it and he is willing to take the country with him. Perhaps he is hoping history will remember him as a martyr. As the election cycle approaches you will see fewer politicians standing close by.

Red Dog, out
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Trial Lawyers, unions, fund Crist in U.S. Senate race

I guess the democrat candidates Jeff Green and Kendrick Meek will take home a tough lesson in the game of politics and big money. I’m thinking term limits again. Continue reading

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Obama’s teleprompter warns BP

Tonight Obama’s teleprompter will tell him that Charlie Crist is a good man and a great leader. A man like Charlie can set aside politics and reach across political lines, so we can solve this horrific disaster… Continue reading

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