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Will not work for any reason…got a beer?

I originally started this blog because of the lack of substantive responses from Florida Senator Bill Nelson during the health care bill debacle of 2009. No matter what I asked, I would always get a lengthy response that not only failed to answer my question, but babbled on with lawyer speak. My letters always began with “Dear Senator Nelson”, but slowly went down hill to the point were I would address him as “Bill”. It was evident that a staff person was sending out standardize form letters corresponding loosely to my topic. I finally gave in and quit writing. He won—or so he thinks.

I’ve always been interested in politics, but now I am beginning to understand our—not so “open-minded”—leaders, and it is frustrating. They have an agenda and it amounts to two things—keeping themselves in office, and growing government. They spend a great deal of time campaigning, and hobnobbing and goober-smooching. They come out of their political corners on occasion and openly spar their political points according to current events. Both sides understand the game and act accordingly. These fat cats are arrogant and condescending and need to be brought down. They do not represent what our forefathers intended…and it is getting worse.

I have two criteria that help decide whether to reelect them — how long they have been in office (3 terms are enough), and are they a lawyer. It doesn’t seem to matter which party you vote for, republicans will give you more government, and democrats will give you a lot more government. I guess you could say we go down the tube more slowly with the republicans.

Background of Red Dog.

He is a self-employed businessman turned political activist in 2007. Red Dog is a reformed liberal and because of his business history, and educational background in psychology, he understands the nature of liberalism. He believes liberalism is the default ideology and as one expands his thoughts becomes more conservative. Red Dog started out on the liberal side of the political fence. Read his story of transformation by clicking here. (It’s pretty weird that he writes his bio in the third person)


3 Responses to About

  1. Karen says:

    I was just wondering if you couldn’t give me a little insight into what changed your mind from liberalism to conservativism. I read what you said about it being the “default” ideology, and I think I agree. I don’t have the same background as you, but I was more liberal when I was younger. Though I didn’t recognize the definition. As I learned, grew, and gained, I changed. Though, at the time, I didn’t realize it. I’m wondering if it’s human nature, a phase… you have education in psychology, you have experience in business, I’d love to have your view on this. Because I honestly don’t see how anyone who has any real education, experience, or earnings, could be liberal. I could go on and on lol but I’ll give you a chance to talk too :).

    Thanks for any insight you can give.

  2. Michele says:

    Thanks, Red Dog –

    From one reformed liberal to another, I’d be honored if you used my poem on your blog. Thanks for reading my blog and asking to use my poem.

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