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Warning: Cars are being Vandalized with Obama Bumper Stickers

Here is a friendly way to help fellow citizens who’s cars have been vandalize with Obama bumper stickers. (See image below) Hi Friend, I just wanted to let you know that some knucklehead vandalized your car by slapping an Obama … Continue reading

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Senator Bill Nelson Demands Apology from Limbaugh

Or is Sandra Fluke a political prostitute? First of all, I’m getting tired of Senator Bill Nelson, and the “Obama Machine” hitting me up for 5 bucks every week for daffy, uninspired causes. This past week I got an email … Continue reading

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World Apology Tour

I enjoy writing about Senator Bill Nelson, but he is not the only drag on our nation. It’s been suggested, by a fellow blogger, that I turn my focus on the chief thief; Barack Hussein Obama. Okay, I said, you write it, I’ll … Continue reading

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Senator Bill Nelson’s Failures as a Political Leader

Senator Bill Nelson will become 70 years old in 2012, and has accumulated 30 yrs of dancing around our countries problems rather than solving them—now he wants us to re-elect him. While he is not wholly to blame, he is part of … Continue reading

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