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Whom do you Trust?

Many thanks to my Liberal Friends who inspire me to write…I would be at a loss for material if it weren’t for you! Today’s society has become a house divided. In my opinion this division is manifested for political gain— by either … Continue reading

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Decadence, California Style

The following piece identifies the results of failed policies that many choose to ignore. It’s sad, but is indicative of how a heartless government can turn their backs/minds to the unintended consequences of their policies, and then act as if … Continue reading

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Don’t Misjudge California

California, progressive or decadent? You be the judge. I’ve been harping on California for awhile, and I believe for good reason—they seem to be ahead of the curve concerning the direction our country is taking, and we best pay close attention. … Continue reading

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Liberalism Gone Wild

California has become a prime example of how to screw up a good thing without lifting a finger. All you need is the proper mix of lawyers, liberal politicians, a pen, and a little decadence. What better example of liberalism gone wild. Continue reading

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