Obama’s teleprompter warns BP

Tonight, June 15th 2010, at approximately 8:20pm, Obama addresses the Gulf oil crisis. Some time during the speech Obama’s teleprompter will do a short political campaign for Crist. The teleprompter  will begin with, “Charlie Crist is a good man and a great leader. A man like Charlie can set aside politics and reach across political lines, so we can solve this horrific disaster and do so as one great nation”. (Can you pre-quote someone?) 

I'm from the Government and...

Do you think anyone is going to believe us?

Then the teleprompter will tell Big O to say we need bigger government, more regulations, and higher taxes so these tragedies will be prevented from ever happening again. Also, his teleprompter will say those responsible (BP) will pay, and pay, and pay until the money is gone and that he will personally (Obama, not the teleprompter) come to the rescue by a government take-over of the oil industry. Then the teleprompter will move on to say how we need to solve these ever-expanding crises by increasing the cost of drilling so gas prices will rise, thus bringing demand for alternative energy and increased conservation—as in proper tire inflation, bicycles, and smaller, more dangerous cars. He we finish it off by apologizing for America’s over consumption of limited world resources and lack of responsibility. (Of course he will use euphemisms like fairness, equality, justice, environmental protection, etc. I’m also cutting out all the hyperbole, smoke and mirrors, and self-adulations to make it easy to understand.) 

I know predicting Obama’s speech isn’t rocket science, but many are waiting to hear it and I’m trying to do my part by giving you a quick outline synopsis and interpretation. That way you won’t be frustrated when Big O shows up 20 minutes late. 

Anyone care to make a prediction on how many times Big O says, “Let me be perfectly clear”? I’m thinking term limits, again. 

Red Dog, out


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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