Harry Reid, Sharron Angle: Mismatch

Or not?

Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle entered the race for senate seat in Nevada with a meager $139,000—barely a good down payment for a house in Las Vegas. Yet, she won the republican primary. Compare that with her opponent, Harry Reid, with 9.1 million dollars on hand, and the backing of the casino unions, and a democrat war chest soon to be opened—a gift from Barack obama. This is a strong-hold the liberal left can’t afford to lose, and no expense will be spared by the liberals to keep this career politician in power. In campaign dollars 9.1 million is not a great sum money, but with a small population of only 2.6 million, those dollars will go a long way.

Harry has owned the senate seat for 23 years and won’t leave quietly, unless we open the door and kick him out. I’m thinking term limits, again, and Sharron Angle has a right foot posed and ready to boot him out—with our help. All it will take to put Sharron on a financial equal to Reid is about 350,000 conservatives sending her $25 each. I think I’ll pop for $50. If you feel it necessary to donate to a cause that will have a national affect

—this would be the one. The left will attempt to discredit her as a right-wing lunatic.  She’s my cup of tea.

Interesting factoid; Nevada has held the title of worst crime state for 7 years running. Seems to me Harry is the crime boss of decadence.

Red Dog, out


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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