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Senator Bill Nelson’s Failures as a Political Leader

Senator Bill Nelson will become 70 years old in 2012, and has accumulated 30 yrs of dancing around our countries problems rather than solving them—now he wants us to re-elect him. While he is not wholly to blame, he is part of … Continue reading

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Is Senator Bill Nelson Practicing Good Politics?

Plus Bonus Dinner with the President When a politician makes a statement it should say something, not just evoke emotion. It’s not only Democrats using this approach, both political parties are to blame. They’re guilty of by-passing substance and going … Continue reading

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Liberalism or Conservatism: Genetics or Environmental?

Liberals are quite the anomaly; rational, intelligent, politically knowledgeable, and creative. They have a huge heart and are some of the of the kindest people I know. They are often well intentioned and sincere. Many are in the arts/entertainment field and are very passionate.  As … Continue reading

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I’m Not Ready for Dirt Floors

Personally, I believe big O’s inaction is partly because of his inability to grasp the bull by the horns because his natural instinct is to take legal action. We hired a lawyer to run our country, what do you expect? Besides, by not doing anything he gains the position of blaming bush, again and the media will fail to take him to task. Continue reading

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