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Open Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

If that is true, and we trust higher sales taxes will curb consumption, then by extension and logic, we must assume higher income taxes will reduce spending (by the entity being taxed, not by the government). You cannot use the “tax it” argument to reduce an action and, at other times, create an action. You cannot own both sides of the debate, as it makes no sense that similar actions will cause different results. Continue reading

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Switching From AARP to The Alliance

This would be a pre election vote carrying a strong message with high impact, low cost, and a money shift away from the democrats. In addition, you get all the benefits without funding our out of control government.
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Black Democrats, the Party of “Hope, With No Change”

There will always be a dividing line in life, it cannot be removed—it only gets repositioned. Our country is no longer at the 50 yard line, we are at our 10 yard line and our opponent has the ball, is making the rules, and we have no timeouts left. We need to make a “Hail Mary” pass.
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Congressional Reform Act of 2010

We need a brave Senator that has the confidence and the will to introduce this bill in the US Senate and a Representative to introduce a similar bill in the US House. These people will become American hero’s…. Continue reading

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