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Back From the Dead

When have we ever been so completely screwed? What were we thinking when we let this happen to America? Right now, no one could feel more utterly betrayed than our veterans. Those who have died for our freedom would come back from the dead—if they could—and spit on us. Continue reading

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Why Term Limits?

this site is about taking power away from the politicians and giving it back to the people through enacting term limits and eliminating career politicians. We must think globally, but act locally by supporting like minded individuals. Continue reading

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Can We Be Fair?

This idea was recently posted on America Speaking Out: What makes this country great is the diversity of ideas and opinions. In order to maintain our diverse culture, we need to encourage civil rights for minorities, women, and all other … Continue reading

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Government is Not the Solution

This is the speech where he said, “Government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem”. There are several tidbits of worthy quotes throughout his speech. For those predisposed to hate Ronald Reagan it will take an open mind to connect the dots. Continue reading

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