Term Limits

We the People…this site is about taking power away from the politicians and giving it back to the people through enacting term limits and eliminating career politicians. We must think globally, but act locally by supporting like minded individuals. This can be accomplished by stopping the money flow to all national political organizations—including unions and other seemingly benign organizations.

Many seek political office because they are driven to keep America strong, and to empower its people. No doubt, they have good intentions and one could argue they are good people. Over time, politicians become part of the system and become driven by special interest groups that are attracted to their position, power, and influence.  Somewhere during their incumbency the corruption begins, and quickly division and partisanship seeps into their actions. This happens regardless of party affiliation. Their sole mission is retaining their office; our mission is to bring about term limits and send them back home.

What can you do? Participate…if not here…find a way to help reduce government. Below are some suggestions. Please take the time to be involved in the direction our country is taking.

In depth article on Term Limits at The Heritage Foundation

Register to vote in Florida


2 Responses to Term Limits

  1. Yes term limits are great but how can we impose those limits on Senators that make the rules keeping them in office? I am open for suggestions.

  2. It’s a long, slow process that begins with cutting off the money flow for re-elections. Primaries are where we can do the most damage and will open the door of opportunity for others who have never considered running for office—new faces will emerge. Also, avoid lawyers as politicians, they are the slipperiest and the toughest to throw out of office. And don’t vote for incumbents when possible.

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