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The Monkey Experiment: Featuring Bill Nelson

An Explanation why the Tea Party Scares Career Politicians Herman Cain and Sarah Palin have something in common; their own party doesn’t want to support them, and for good reason—they don’t fit the mold of polished lawyer types who live in the … Continue reading

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To the RNC and the National Republican Trust PAC

Maybe I’m too conservative. Maybe I’m tired of big government. Or maybe I’m tired of being lied too. Whatever it is, I will no longer donate money to national political fund-raising organizations until I see actions—not words. The time has … Continue reading

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Forgiveness? Fat chance…

On August 31 House Republican leader Larry Cafero of Norwalk was delivering a budget speech. An AP photographer, Jessica Hill, snapped this picture of what our congressmen/women really spend their time doing. That‘s democrat Rep. Jack Hennessy playing a computer … Continue reading

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Message on Sarah Palin's Hand

Now is the time to purge out the old dogs and bring in fresh ideas that better match the basic foundation on which this great country was built. Term limits need to be imposed so as to bring in people … Continue reading

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