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“Impeach Obama” Flying Banner

The above featured Youtube video is a great example of grassroots activism by some everyday folks in SoCal. As we come down-to-the-wire on deciding the future of America people are starting to think out of the box.  Another in-your-face idea to … Continue reading

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Decadence, California Style

The following piece identifies the results of failed policies that many choose to ignore. It’s sad, but is indicative of how a heartless government can turn their backs/minds to the unintended consequences of their policies, and then act as if … Continue reading

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Your Participation is Not Optional

Even though the task is difficult, every generation must decide America’s future. It’s not easy and may take a little soul searching and honesty mixed with an open mind—without a self-serving agenda. Your participation is not optional. You have the power, the opportunity, and the obligation to participate Continue reading

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Who is Mending the Flag?

…the commonality that ties all humanity together; sacrifice, tragedy, despair, hope, God, and freedom. If you could summarize the spirit of the intentions of our founding fathers in a picture, they would nearly all be captured in this work of art. Continue reading

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