Your Participation is Not Optional

As our country politically evolves many are taking the time to reevaluate their core beliefs and striving to more fully understand the impact our government has on our unique freedoms and liberties. For decades our constitution has stood tall, representing a beacon of hope and opportunity world wide. Americans are uniquely gifted.

There are, at least, two justified questions concerning our country; are we evolving or are we eroding? And, are we sliding toward socialism (and, in my opinion, mediocrity)? No matter your political position, unarguably, we are entering a shift in the size and reach of our government. To many the game of politics seems beyond comprehension and difficult to understand. Even though the task is difficult, every generation must decide America’s future. It’s not easy and may take a little soul searching and honesty mixed with an open mind—without a self-serving agenda.  Your participation is not optional. You have the power, the opportunity, and the obligation to participate.

A brief outline of principles with which most Americans would agree.

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 “We, the citizens of the United States of America, call upon those seeking to represent us in public office to sign the Contract from America and by doing so commit to support each of its agenda items and advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom”.

Lady Liberty

Fading Freedom

  1. Protect the Constitution
  2. Reject Cap & Trade
  3. Demand a Balanced Budget
  4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
  5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
  6. End Runaway Government Spending
  7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
  8. Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
  9. Stop the Pork
  10. Stop the Tax Hikes

About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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4 Responses to Your Participation is Not Optional

  1. rjblack says:

    Abolish the Federal Reserve System and return control over America’s money supply to Congress. In the almost 100 years since the privately owned (mostly foreign global bankers such as the Rothschild’s) Federal Reserve System was established we have seen a series of booms and depressions/recessions and the erosion of our purchasing power due to the fraudulent fraction reserve banking system. We feel it is long since time to end this massive rip-off of the American taxpayer.

    Criminal trials of those really behind the 9/11 attacks on America including those officials who had prior knowledge and did nothing we no longer believe in the official conspiracy theory of some 6′6. Arab sitting in a cave in Afghanistan causing the events of 9/11, including causing the entire US Air Force to stand down and violating the basic Laws of Physics.

    Immediate end to the Iraqi War and to the Afghanistan War; full public investigations into war profiteering in both wars no further wars without a formal Declaration of War by Congress.

    End all paid and professional lobbying of Congress and the Executive branch of government.

    Federal financing of federal election campaigns with no Political Action Committees, no spending on elections by any corporation or organization, no donations to political candidates in federal elections exceeding $1,000 per person.

    No use of computer voting or vote counting in federal elections. all voting to be on paper ballots, with voters using indelible ink on a thumb after voting, all vote counting to be done in public at each voting place, with results publicly posted at each voting place immediately after counting.

    No foreign lobbying of Congress and the Executive Branch of government including AIPAC.

    Tariffs on foreign manufactured goods entering America and an abolishment of all tax breaks for off-shoring manufacturing and other corporate activities.

    Trust busting of the major banks and Wall Street firms and growing monopolies and concentrations of corporate ownership.

    Trust busting of the concentration of news media ownership.

    Criminal charges for those responsible for the economic crisis and economic restitution under RICO laws.

    Criminal charges for those responsible for torture and other violations of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, no wiretapping without just cause and a specific individual court order, no viewing of phone/cell phone/Internet records without just cause and a specific court order.

    No corporate or bank salary or bonus (or combination thereof) over $1 million per year.

    A full return to Constitutional Law, including no signing statements, no Executive Orders, no federal usurping of state or private rights under the Constitution.

    An end to the Patriot Act and all its provisions, an end to the full body scanning at airports.

    No dual nationals in the Executive branch of government (such as the current White House Chief of Staff).

    Full disclosure of Obama’s birth certificate and the nation of the passport used by him to travel to when in school.

    Obliterate the “Admiralty Courts” and return to 100% civil courts

    Eliminate the UCC (Uniform Code of Commerce) about non-commercial “persons”

    Eliminate the US Code, as it is the actual document that makes 60 million actions (mostly innocent, victim-less crimes) criminal

    A new legal document succinctly stating that the government and it’s publicly registered corporations are subservient to human being citizens, not the reverse

  2. RJ, thanks for taking the time to post. Well thought out ideas. While I can’t agree with every point, I do applaud your convictions. Things need to change and sometimes it has to be drastic…I’m not ready to go there, yet. Red Dog, out

    BTW—I checked out your blog…good job

  3. rjblack says:

    That is what makes the country, “Read people” great; we can freely exchange ideas in a civil discourse without derogatory comments regardless of political affiliation. Understanding that the system is broken requires individuals to engage one another to correct the direction and domestic issues of a broken nation. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks RJ, I try to be reasonable, but my patience does wear thin at times. I keep trying, cause anger doesn’t help anyone…and we sure have a lot of anger in our country right now.
    Red Dog, out

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