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Media Bias—Hillary’s Magic Carpet Ride

Only days after Obama’s inauguration, CBS launched Hillary Clinton on a magic carpet ride with a gracious interview between her and her boss Barack Obama. There appeared to be a lot of backslapping, high fives, and innuendos about Hillary’s political future. The only thing missing was … Continue reading

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Interview with Alex Snitker, Candidate for U.S Senate

With the election just a few weeks out, fox 13’s John Wilson hosted a debate between candidates Charlie Crist, Kendrick Meek, and Marco Rubio. It aired on October 15th on Tampa Bay’s Fox News channel 13 at 6:30pm.  Each candidate had … Continue reading

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Charlie Crist, Chased Out of the Republican Party

Democrats are stuck without a good clear choice and they’re buzzing around like flies looking for the freshest carcass to lay their voter egg on. Continue reading

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Charlie Crist, an Election Cycle Warm-Up

While I’m busy taking out the trash I’d like to include a quick shout-out to Bill Nelson; Yo Bill, keep skulking around in the shadows, you’re next. This election cycle is a warm-up for 2012 and the proverbial target is on your front…step down now senator, or wait until 2012 and we will throw you out Continue reading

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