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Future Violence and Responsibility

This article, by Michael Bowler, was written in response to another article concerning the possibility of future violence, from within, by communist activists: Americans are still largely in the dark about the true nature of our current political landscape. Glenn … Continue reading

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Your Participation is Not Optional

Even though the task is difficult, every generation must decide America’s future. It’s not easy and may take a little soul searching and honesty mixed with an open mind—without a self-serving agenda. Your participation is not optional. You have the power, the opportunity, and the obligation to participate Continue reading

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We no longer live in England…

Freedom is not free and there are still a few red blooded Americans willing to fight for our freedom from a tyrannical government. Continue reading

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Message on Sarah Palin's Hand

Now is the time to purge out the old dogs and bring in fresh ideas that better match the basic foundation on which this great country was built. Term limits need to be imposed so as to bring in people … Continue reading

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