What do Comedy, Politics, and Oil Spills have in Common?

Obama comedy during national crisis

Comic relief while millions of barrels of oil flow into gulf

This is a time when I wish we could forget the politics and get down to the business at hand. The environmental devastation being caused by the Horizon oil rig explosion is unfathomable and will far exceed the total costs of hurricane Katrina. With the exception of the loss of lives there will be no equal to the impact on the US economy and the environment. Already conspiracy theories are circulating, and suggestions of the doom for planet earth is only months away should we fail to stop the oil flow. Radicals have suggested using a nuclear bomb to stop the oil flow by caving in the surrounding earth.

If the devastation is close to what some are predicting this could reduce hurricane Katrina to no more than a traffic pile up on I-75. But one could ask (that would be me)… WWLD? What Would Liberals Do.? And the answer would be straight out of the Saul Alinski’s book of dirty tricks; “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Ostensibly it’s almost sacrilegious to make political attacks during a national disaster—and I’m hoping that I won’t regret my words at some later date—but there is no doubt that Obama will take political advantage of the situation and in the process try to gain more government power.

So far Big O’s response has been typical of his administration—point fingers while taking no action. Sort of reminds me of a similar situation when Max Mayfield, then director of the National Hurricane Center, called warning Louisiana Mayor Ray Nagin prior to Katrina coming ashore. I’m not sure of the exact conversation, but it was something like “get out of Dodge, Nagin”. One would think Nagin’s lack of action and inability to organize and protect his community would have had some kind of political backlash…not. After all, it was all Bush’s fault. Nagin remained mayor until term limits left him ineligible to run again. Otherwise he’d still be there, mucking about. But I digress…

My point is, as we face another disaster—ironically off the shores of Louisiana—the current administration misjudged the environmental and financial impact to the point of naiveté. His biggest fans, the press, will fail to point out that President Obama waited nine days to act after the horrific oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico or that he spent an evening doing stand up comedy during a national crisis. In contrast, the press had a field day in their criticism of President Bush’s 4 day delay in sending help to New Orleans after Katrina pounded their shores.

Another point of interest is the classic Obama “blame game”. Big O’s immediate reaction was to find fault and point fingers rather than taking action. It will be interesting to see who he finally points the finger at. This blaming game is not presidential and it’s time he put a stop to it. The press will report O’s delayed action as a mark of pure genus, saying he has given great thought while collecting information so as to make the right decisions. Throw Bush into the same scenario and the press will say he acted like a deer caught in the headlights. Another point of irony is George H.W. Bush setup the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLTF), in August, 1990. The agency currently has nearly $2.8 billion in funds designated for offshore oil disasters. My bet is Big O doesn’t know this fund exists. Do you think the government will own the oil companies after this all shakes out?


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