Is Senator Bill Nelson Practicing Good Politics?

Plus Bonus Dinner with the President

When a politician makes a statement it should say something, not just evoke emotion. It’s not only Democrats using this approach, both political parties are to blame. They’re guilty of by-passing substance and going for the political “easy button” which often translates into creating fear and anger, rather than working toward cohesion and solutions.

Where's Nelson

Almost Got Him That Time

Over the past 5 years Senator Nelson has been fairly quite and only occasionally popping in and out of issues—he reminds me of the Whack-A-Mole game found at carnivals. During those sporadic outings Nelson usually avoided the blame game, but since Obama visited him for a pre election campaign boost, Nelson has ostensibly joined the “Obama Blame Game” team. Suddenly he’s shifted gears and trying this new strategy. Since Obama’s visit I’ve been getting a barrage of negative “tag team” emails coming from both Senator Nelson and Big O. I’m still wondering how Obama got my email.

Most emails from Nelson’s office try to make the case that evil Republicans are going to take everything away from us—except your diapers and one illegal worker in every backyard. His most recent topic was “social security”—and it seems to be a test topic. Politicians’ pivot around sensitive issues trying to find hot buttons that can be turned into the next “Easy Button.” Neither Bill, nor Obama’s emails ever provide details in their quest to find hot topics—simply talking points. Their search is for the next hook; well actually, their search is for the best bait.

A recent email from Senator Bill Nelson says

Just as lawmakers were preparing to leave Washington last week, a group of seven Republicans quietly filed a bill in the House. Their proposal would effectively end Social Security as we know it.”

If you think critically about that paragraph it falls short of substantive information, while at the same time implying deceit by his fellow congressmen and claiming destruction the National Social Security program. There are two key words thoughtfully placed into the paragraph that are designed to incite anger and fear—“quietly” and “end.” It’s an interesting choice of words—if you can quietly file a bill, I suppose you could “noisily file a bill” or what if he said “they quietly sneaked up on a piece of paper.” It sounds silly when you think about it, but seemly innocuous words can affect our feelings about a subject. For example; “End of social security” has that zing of finality where if he said “changes in social security” it would fail to provoke a click on the “Send more money now” button. And without your money who will stop those rascally Republicans?

The last time Senator Nelson was reelected it amounted to a yawn and a nod, with most campaign donations coming from lawyers and lobby groups.

Lawyers and Lobbyist like Nelson

This time we’re on to him, and I think he knows it—2010 was a preview of coming attractions and it’s not just Democrats under the gun, it’s all career politicians. In 2010, Florida witnessed the eradication of their republican governor, Charlie Crist, who was clearly ratted out by Tea Party types. I’d like to think my blog helped sweep Crist’s failing political career into the gutter. Perhaps my meager blog posts will assist in extracting Bill Nelson from his political career by 2012. Americans’ are looking for solutions, not meaningless rhetoric”. To Bill I say, “Senator, either paddle, sit still, or get out of the boat and please stop referring to yourself as an Astronaut—you’re a politician and a lawyer who leveraged your office for a ride on the Space Shuttle.

Obama’ s email takes a different approach. He tries to capture the smaller moneyed voter with a promise of opportunity. The latest one offered a dinner opportunity with the president for only a $5 donation. Here’s an excerpt:

This isn’t going to be a formal affair or a banquet for hundreds of guests.
It’s just you, three other supporters, and President Obama, sitting down together for an evening among friends…So I hope you’ll put your name in the running.

Donate $5 or more today, and you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to claim your seat at the table.

It Sounds Like Dinner at the White house

For $5 what have you got to lose. Won’t Barrack be surprised if I win! (Damn, that’s twice I’ve sent him 5 bucks!)

Next week we’ll see which easy button Bill’s staff pulls out of their bag of tricks. My guess is it will be about tax cuts for the wealthy. I don’t think he’s punched that button recently.


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I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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