Senator Bill Nelson’s Failures as a Political Leader

Senator Bill Nelson will become 70 years old in 2012, and has accumulated 30 yrs of dancing around our countries problems rather than solving them—now he wants us to re-elect him. While he is not wholly to blame, he is part of the gang of republican and democrat politicians whose time is up.

Sarah Says “Step Down Senator”

Six more years as a Senator is an eternity when considering our countries dire need for a new direction that will actually help Americans, not merely continue to support political cronies and their minions. In hind site, Obama’s promise of change, supported by Senator Bill Nelson, merely amounted to an increase in government size and role in Americans’ lives. I would say to Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Obama, doing more of the same thing is not change, it’s insanity. 

Senator Nelson’s voting record indicates he has spent most of his career hiding from tough issues (i.e., social security, energy, etc.) while going along with the most socialistic agenda’s of the Democratic Party. He has no voice of his own—his career amounts to keeping the money flowing to his party and those that support it. All he is missing is a Party Hat and Whistle as he hands out favors. America has become his piñata.

Big Government Politics

Looking more closely at his voting patterns shows he has a preference for the “Easy Button”. He stands downwind on nearly every vote, indicating he has a finger in the air favoring his political survival. Figuratively, he has given our country the finger. Below is a list of issues he has ignored—energy is on the top of the list.

In 2008, I wrote Senator Nelson about our dependence on foreign oil and the failure of our elected leaders to utilize resources in our oil rich states or consider other energy resources like coal and natural gas. His response amounted to saying (I’m paraphrasing and parsing down 500 words of blah, blah, blah lawyer speak to get to his position) “It takes years to bring oil into production and that is of no help to our current economic problems”. Nearly 4 years later the excuse hasn’t changed.“Starting oil production takes too long, and won’t help our immediate problems”. 

Senator Nelson is No Visionary

Obviously, Senator Nelson is no visionary. He fails to understand how problems solved today can affect future results. But he still chooses to hold on to worn out excuses and monotonous mantra. When is the right time to increase oil production in our country Mr Nelson? There is little doubt that Obama’s tire inflation comment as an energy solution went flat (pun intended), and corn processed into ethanol is costly and inefficient. 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory states that, “Today, 1 Btu of fossil energy consumed in producing and delivering corn ethanol results in 1.3 Btu of usable energy in your fuel tank.” Even that modest payback may be overstated. Skeptics cite the research of Cornell University professor David Pimentel, who estimates that it takes approximately 1.3 gal. of oil to produce a single gallon of ethanol.

Read more: Ethanol Review as Alternative Fuel – Pros and Cons of Ethanol – Popular Mechanics

The crux of Bill Nelson’s argument seems to be centered on American oil producers and in his words, “their price gouging profits”. On more than one occasion Senator Nelson has suggested that “government” should take these profits from job producing oil companies through higher tax rates. In reality, higher taxes increase costs, which come back in the form of higher prices to the consumer. It also discourages the oil industry from investing in America; sending workers, money, and technology to other countries. Nelson also prefers redistribution of wealth through stimulus checks written from our already strained coffers. American dollars, and American jobs should stay in America, Senator. Drill here, drill now, comes to mind.

Bill Nelson and Charlie Crist combined couldn’t fill an empty suit

Cliché’s can be tiring, but Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Charlie Crist are cut from the same cloth; career politicians on steroids. We sent Crist packing in 2010—2012 will be Nelson’s demise. Since Crist’s ouster he is now schlepping for Morgan & Morgan. I suggest Mr. Nelson should send them his résumé; they could use another miasmic lawyer.

Below is a list of important issues that need to be addressed. Bill has mostly ignored or failed to resolve these problems facing America.

  • Balanced budget
  • Social Security
  • Reduce National debt
  • Secure our borders
  • Address illegal immigration
  • Implement tax reform
  • Implement tort reform
  • Develop meaningful, practical, health care reform
  • Eliminate earmarks
  • Reform election and campaign finance laws
  • Read congressional bills before they’re voted on
  • Limit congressional bills to one issue, instead of combining unrelated issues together
  • Limit the size and scope of government
  • Ensure the right to work and limit union power
  • Address government waste and fraud
  • National Energy Plan
  • Space Program NASA

Message to Senator Bill Nelson:

It’s over Senator. There is plenty to be done and you have wasted our time, weaken our economy, and grew government into a carnivorous beast. The above listed issues are important to the American people. You have failed us, yet wish to continue down the same tired road. We are on to you and your “big government” ideology. Your inability to vote for the good of America, and your propensity to vote down party lines, is your demise. Your old style politics are no longer needed. I wish you well.

Red Dog, out


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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3 Responses to Senator Bill Nelson’s Failures as a Political Leader

  1. Rod says:

    You forgot to mention losing the space program. He went down like a prom dress.

  2. Thanks Rod, how could I forget the Space Program. Here is an interesting piece by Nancy Smith.
    Red Dog, out…

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