1st Sgt. Calvin R. McPeters USMC

In Remembrance


When I opened the letter it began, “How do you tell the world a true patriot—a good man—has fallen”. I felt sadness with each word, the heartache on every line; it was a letter of farewell. Farewell, 1st Sgt. Calvin R. McPeters USMC.1st Sgt. Calvin R. McPeters USMC

Calvin was a husband, and a friend. He made the grade, covered the ground, completed the task. Even though his active duty ended many years ago, he is still a Marine—an elite group of men and women who have dedicated their life to our country, our children, our future.

Today, America’s young men and women continue to honor, and serve our country. My wife and I are fortunate to know one of those young people. In some ways we know her better than she knows herself. We were there for her birth; we were there for every birthday. We witnessed her triumphs and comforted her in tragedy. We have quietly watched her life coursing through the up and down challenges of youth. We witnessed the development of her spirit and determination of mind. Few were surprised when she joined the Marines.

For the family the hardest part of Marine training is enduring 18 weeks of unknowing. There would be few letters, but each day we waited. Often making mindless trips to the mailbox. The phone was kept within reach, and every night it was placed at bedside, waiting and wanting her to call—even though, we knew she only had phone privileges on Sunday evenings. With growing anticipation family and friends began gathering at her parent’s home each Sunday for dinner, and the anticipated call.

The phone rang and we knew without the telling. A cheerful “Hello” said it all—task completed. We crowded around the phone trying to hear, in 60 seconds, what began 13 weeks ago. Now, after finishing a grueling regime of training, her 5’1” body was lean and hardened. She then told of another four weeks ahead; combat training in simulated war conditions, long hikes, food rationing, the heat of the day, the cold of the night, trying to stay hydrated with limited water.

Everything you needed was carried on your back, and your rifle slung over the shoulder. This is when the foot pounds the ground and a shovel determines how deep you will sleep—if you sleep at all. Her hundred and eight pound frame overburdened. Only later would we know the untold damage.

Struggling with pain she had one mile to go, she was falling behind. Her 65 pound pack soaked with rain. There were five of them when the vehicle approached from the front. A command was given, their allotted time gone.”

“I can do this sir”                                                                                          

“Get in soldier, it’s an order.”

She and 4 others climbed into dark silence, their fate unknown.

It was Sunday evening, and we had just finished dinner when the phone rang. This time her voice was tiny, as the worst was told. The excitement drained from the room. Encouraging words were given, promises were made. “There are reasons we can’t understand, look to a higher power”. It was all we could say, there was nothing we could do.

Later that week, she learned there would be one more chance; repeat the final march or go home.

Another week was added, another platoon was joined. But fate would step forward and catch her in a brigade of 400 soldiers punishing themselves on their final training mission—a 9 mile march in full combat gear. With one mile left, doubt began to amplify the pain. It was too much to bear. Until one person would seek her out and find her. A young man she had known since kindergarten. His voice came from the past and connected them to the here and now.

“We can do this, Britt, we can do this!”

He was by her side; his words soothing the pain and bringing the goal back into focus. Their pace quickened, each stride more determined than the last.

“We’ve got this.”

…and like those before her, she made the grade, covered the ground, and completed the task.

Calvin never had an opportunity to meet Brittany, but he would be proud of this Marine.

In remembrance of a friend and a great man. 1st Sgt. Calvin R. McPeters. April 10, 2012.

Semper fi

Always Faithful

Always Faithful

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Senator Bill Nelson Demands Apology from Limbaugh

Or is Sandra Fluke a political prostitute?

First of all, I’m getting tired of Senator Bill Nelson, and the “Obama Machine” hitting me up for 5 bucks every week for daffy, uninspired causes. This past week I got an email from Big O’s bag of tools, Robert Gibbs (they use a different name each week). He’s asking me (on Obama’s behalf) to donate $5 to stop Romney from saying “y’all”.  He went on to say Mitt is being disingenuous to the south and needs to also quit saying “cheesy grits”. He informed the uninformed that the correct expression is “cheese grits”. Thanks for the grammar lesson Robby “Grits” Gibbs. I’ll get a fiver out to your boss soon.

Nice gift for your little girl...not

Great gift idea for the little girl that's got everything. Sluts for Obama

A day later we begin hearing about “Sluts for Obama”. At first I thought it was a gag by the comedic right, or the left. But then it turns out to be another minority group wanting to jump on Big O’s bandwagon (Whores & Sluts Unite, I suppose). Sure enough, sales for T-shirts with the slogan “Sluts for Obama” flooded the internet. Realistically, it’s  probably some damned money mongering conservative trying to capitalize on the sexually weak and deprived. And to think Rush started it all by calling some 30-year-old über liberal law student—banging her way through condoms, and school, like a bricklayer on steroids—a slut and a prostitute. Sandra Fluke is the innocent person who’s sexual proclivity is in question. With more information coming to light, it seems she is more likely a political prostitute, and a shill, as well. So, guess what? Now I get an email from Whack-a-Mole Bill Nelson asking for more money so he can put a stop to all this (and I quote), “mean-spirited, in-your-face kind of behavior that’s reflective of intolerance and [an] ideological rigidity”. (I suppose we should forget Clinton’s cigar and Monica Lewinski’s—let’s say, tongue-in-cheek behavior). In addition, Senator Nelson is demanding Rush issue a “sincere apology for his bad behavior” (and Bill also wants another 5 bucks). I suppose the first apology wasn’t good enough. Bill goes on to say “…this poor example set by Rush Limbaugh each day for 15 million radio listeners can only “breed” more incivility and intolerance”. I think Bill may be on to something. Maybe Rush’s listeners are breeding? We need to jump on that with government distributed condoms, (and send Bill another 5 bucks).  Seriously, (not really) maybe ObamaCare should include condoms for Rush’s listeners too. There could be a picture of the American flag stamped on each one, with O’s face in the blue field of stars section. If they need art work they could borrow the image from the flag flying over the democrat headquarters in Lake County,Florida. Speaking of pictures in bad taste, read on.

A day doesn’t go by that  Michelle Obama’s picture doesn’t jump to the front of the line; today the fashionista is featuring her “Sluts for Obama” T-shirt. I hope she got the set of matching coffee cups too. Actually, ignore this paragraph. I copped that picture of Michelle off the internet and added the “Slut’s for Obama” slogan with Photoshop. But, on a serious note, it does feel like America’s getting pecked to death by liberal loons.

Screw the conservatives

Bottom line, my prediction that the current White House liberals would  bumper-car our country toward mediocrity was wrong. Perhaps I set my sight too high when I said, the low for this administration is being defined by the “occupy wall-streeters; the tokers and smokers, and ill-informed coexisters. Recently they have faded into the cracks and gutters with only a trace of smell wharfing out from crevices; a combination of body odor, urine, and marijuana. Yes, they were where tokin’, smokin’, strokin’, and leaking all over. It was evidenced by the many signs with  misspelled words, dangling participles, and silly slogans like “I’m really mad and I’m 84” (she’s on a residual high). Or “Free Speach is not a crime”. Lucky for him neither is bad spelling.

It will be interesting to see if other groups come out of the woodwork in defense of Big O’s down hill race toward socialism. Even more interesting is watching them dredge deeper in the decadence pit. I can hardly wait.

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“Impeach Obama” Flying Banner

The above featured Youtube video is a great example of grassroots activism by some everyday folks in SoCal. As we come down-to-the-wire on deciding the future of America people are starting to think out of the box.  Another in-your-face idea to help wake up America is Post-it-notes, or more commonly referred to as Sticky-Notes. I’m thinking about having some printed and handing them out at rallies with the saying “How’s that hopey, changey, thing working out?” My personal goal is to remove Senator Bill Nelson from office.

Share and create ideas with friends and family, just be careful to not offend anyone, especially if you have a liberal family member who may go nuts on you. It’s happened to me, and it’s a shame some people are so intolerant of others, but that’s what we’re dealing with.

I recently got a comment on a Michael Berry post ( it also had a picture of Michelle Obama) that shows how hateful and unaware some of the liberal voters can be. I don’t mind edgy stuff if it has a point or at least rides the edge of truth. Below is a good example from cartoon artist A.F.Branco of Michelle Obama and Barack being called out on their hypocrisy.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Hypocrisy

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World Apology Tour

I enjoy writing about Senator Bill Nelson, but he is not the only drag on our nation. It’s been suggested, by a fellow blogger, that I turn my focus on the chief thief; Barack Hussein Obama. Okay, I said, you write it, I’ll post it.

My guest blogger is retired Army and hails from Alaska. We’ll call him RockNuke. He may be shooting from the hip, but you’ll get the point, there’s trouble in River City, and it begins with a “B”.

Okay Rock, take it away—

Like many Americans, I am tired and scared of the direction our country has taken. Many don’t care to admit that they’re scared, some don’t know that they should be scared—that’s fine—I’m scared for them. We have a President in the White House whose actions are cracking the once strong foundation of our culture, heritage, and our constitutionObama is ripping apart the very core values that are uniquely American. Until recently it could have been argued that we are the greatest country in the world. Now we have a president who figuratively, and literally, bows to every foreign leader he gets next to; and crack, we lose a little more.

My Apologies for America

He had his “World Apology Tour”and apologized to the world for our arrogance, bam there’s another crack. To make matter worse his wife, Michelle Obama, gets into the act by saying “ I’ve never been proud of America until (sic) Obama was elected”; kaboom, another crack. Ain’t that sweet, coming from the first lady. With all these cracks tearing away at the very fabric of America soon little will remain of a once great nation.

Obama took office when the country was less than what it should be. Okay, we all got it, can we now please stop blaming BushObama sounds like a 6-year-old when he breaks his mother’s favorite vase, “He won’t take the blame but instead points his finger at his brother(s). Grow a fricken back bone Obama. The scary part is the media loves him. He can do no wrong.  After all the crap he has done to cripple the US, he gets a write-up on how he is a “Baby Whisperer”. The media are still drooling. Who gives a rat’s ass?

During his visit to El Paso, TX, he gave a speech about border control and asked “what does the Right want; moats and alligators?” Big laugh, maybe he’ll do stand-up comedy when he leaves office—personally I think he’s a jack-ass. If Bush would have said that, the media would have wanted his head on a platter.

Obama is pushing laws that will bring us closer to socialism, which will eventually have us looking like Europe. Free everything should be his motto; free healthcare, free education, free food, free housing. European style government brought to you by Obama. Wait, is there a cost to all this? Yes, inflation. Gas prices have sky-rocketed, and that will soar the costs of every consumable product in our country, with the poorest suffering the most. The upside is free healthcare. Did I say free? The downside is you won’t be able to afford the gas to get yourself to the doctor. Obama thinks he is an idea man. One of his brilliant ideas to save energy is proper tire inflation, and don’t forget the Cash for Clunkers debacle. Another highlight of his presidency is the stimulus package and the promise of jobs. That idea has more dents in it than his Cash for Clunkers deal. What a momentous waste of money, but again, loved by the Left.

We got stiffed again by Obama

Depending on who you talk to it seems our current government is attempting to take away many of our rights to keep and bear arms. Recently the EPA tried a backdoor tactic of banning lead rounds in bullets and shotgun shells. If they can’t ban the gun they take away the bullets. (If they come to take mine, I’ll give them back, but it will be one at a time). Banning bullets is equivalent to banning gasoline. Thankfully the ban on lead ammo lasted less than 24 hours. Of course the liberal left, including the media, applauded the ban.   This isn’t their first shot (pardon the pun) at controlling firearms, and it won’t be the last. My guess is their next scheme will include raising taxes on ammo. Each attempt seems to get them a little closer to the target, and personally I’m tired of being the target. We either remove the current administration or we get used to having a bulls-eye on our back.

The Left was so upset at Bush while he was in office because of the economy, the war, Gitmo, etc. They mocked him, made jokes about him and wanted him to convict him for war crimes. Other than taking a hand full of troops out of Iraq, and move them to Afghanistan, Obama has done many of the same things as Bush did and we’re still in Gitmo. Where is the Left’s response to all this? (I hear crickets chirping). Besides, the democrats had control over both the House and the Senate for the last 2 years of the Bush presidency. When Pelosi took the helm in 2008, she promised to raise the bar. We all remember her saying “we will drain the swamp that is congress and cut unnecessary spending”. Yeah, like that would happen. Oh, by the way, she was the one who brilliantly stated about Obamacare,  “We must pass this bill so we can know what is in it”.

Glenn Beck has pointed out that our best times are still ahead of us. I don’t consider myself a pessimist, but I think he is wrong. Obama was quoted as saying “we are going to have to go hand-to-hand combat if the Republicans win in Nov”. That isn’t something a Leader of the Free World should say. He sounds more like a spoiled child.

We are going down a rabbit hole that we might not be able to get out of. Eat me or drink me as the sign says, go big or go home. I am afraid for this country, but I am not backing down.

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