Senator Bill Nelson Demands Apology from Limbaugh

Or is Sandra Fluke a political prostitute?

First of all, I’m getting tired of Senator Bill Nelson, and the “Obama Machine” hitting me up for 5 bucks every week for daffy, uninspired causes. This past week I got an email from Big O’s bag of tools, Robert Gibbs (they use a different name each week). He’s asking me (on Obama’s behalf) to donate $5 to stop Romney from saying “y’all”.  He went on to say Mitt is being disingenuous to the south and needs to also quit saying “cheesy grits”. He informed the uninformed that the correct expression is “cheese grits”. Thanks for the grammar lesson Robby “Grits” Gibbs. I’ll get a fiver out to your boss soon.

Nice gift for your little girl...not

Great gift idea for the little girl that's got everything. Sluts for Obama

A day later we begin hearing about “Sluts for Obama”. At first I thought it was a gag by the comedic right, or the left. But then it turns out to be another minority group wanting to jump on Big O’s bandwagon (Whores & Sluts Unite, I suppose). Sure enough, sales for T-shirts with the slogan “Sluts for Obama” flooded the internet. Realistically, it’s  probably some damned money mongering conservative trying to capitalize on the sexually weak and deprived. And to think Rush started it all by calling some 30-year-old über liberal law student—banging her way through condoms, and school, like a bricklayer on steroids—a slut and a prostitute. Sandra Fluke is the innocent person who’s sexual proclivity is in question. With more information coming to light, it seems she is more likely a political prostitute, and a shill, as well. So, guess what? Now I get an email from Whack-a-Mole Bill Nelson asking for more money so he can put a stop to all this (and I quote), “mean-spirited, in-your-face kind of behavior that’s reflective of intolerance and [an] ideological rigidity”. (I suppose we should forget Clinton’s cigar and Monica Lewinski’s—let’s say, tongue-in-cheek behavior). In addition, Senator Nelson is demanding Rush issue a “sincere apology for his bad behavior” (and Bill also wants another 5 bucks). I suppose the first apology wasn’t good enough. Bill goes on to say “…this poor example set by Rush Limbaugh each day for 15 million radio listeners can only “breed” more incivility and intolerance”. I think Bill may be on to something. Maybe Rush’s listeners are breeding? We need to jump on that with government distributed condoms, (and send Bill another 5 bucks).  Seriously, (not really) maybe ObamaCare should include condoms for Rush’s listeners too. There could be a picture of the American flag stamped on each one, with O’s face in the blue field of stars section. If they need art work they could borrow the image from the flag flying over the democrat headquarters in Lake County,Florida. Speaking of pictures in bad taste, read on.

A day doesn’t go by that  Michelle Obama’s picture doesn’t jump to the front of the line; today the fashionista is featuring her “Sluts for Obama” T-shirt. I hope she got the set of matching coffee cups too. Actually, ignore this paragraph. I copped that picture of Michelle off the internet and added the “Slut’s for Obama” slogan with Photoshop. But, on a serious note, it does feel like America’s getting pecked to death by liberal loons.

Screw the conservatives

Bottom line, my prediction that the current White House liberals would  bumper-car our country toward mediocrity was wrong. Perhaps I set my sight too high when I said, the low for this administration is being defined by the “occupy wall-streeters; the tokers and smokers, and ill-informed coexisters. Recently they have faded into the cracks and gutters with only a trace of smell wharfing out from crevices; a combination of body odor, urine, and marijuana. Yes, they were where tokin’, smokin’, strokin’, and leaking all over. It was evidenced by the many signs with  misspelled words, dangling participles, and silly slogans like “I’m really mad and I’m 84” (she’s on a residual high). Or “Free Speach is not a crime”. Lucky for him neither is bad spelling.

It will be interesting to see if other groups come out of the woodwork in defense of Big O’s down hill race toward socialism. Even more interesting is watching them dredge deeper in the decadence pit. I can hardly wait.


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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6 Responses to Senator Bill Nelson Demands Apology from Limbaugh

  1. gordon s says:

    Lets face it, there is no such thing as a “Double standard”.
    There is what a liberal will say,(and it can be as vial as anything), they will just call it the truth, and the rest of us, they call it hate speech.
    I think that they have been behaving this way for so long, it’s in their DNA.
    Of course Rush is wrong , he’s on the Right!
    Looking for the truth?, you will find it where the media is making the most noise.
    They say this is a center-right country,
    Look’s like its time to take over the “bully pulpit”.

  2. I get you, it doesn’t matter what Rush says, it’s always spun by the liberal media. And maybe it is in the liberals DNA. I will attempt to address my view of the liberal mind in a future blog rant. As a tease I will say, “there is a reason for their liberal condition and it has to do with brain wiring”.

  3. Susie Smith says:

    If you are going to write about the SFO, please include links so that your readers can find us. First, they can visit our Facebook page at , next they can buy our gear at It is also worth noting that we are donating 10% of our profits to Planned Parenthood.


    Susie Smith
    Director of Communications
    Sluts for Obama

  4. I’m not one to stop free enterprise Susie, so I did include a link. Maybe you didn’t read through the whole blog and get to the link? I’ll add another for you. Maybe you could send me a free t.

    It’s nice that you are donating to a cause, although I disagree with them philosophically. Also, I believe your money would be better spent on a group that isn’t as politically charged.

    I guess asking for a link back to my site would be silly.
    Red Dog

  5. Susie Smith says:

    I don’t mind posting a link to your site. I have just put one up on the Facebook page at I will also send your link on Twitter. Our page is All that I saw on your page was a link to which also wrote about us. Either way, thanks for the mention. I believe that all publicity is good publicity and that reasonable people can agree to disagree on an issue.

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