Bush’s War or Red Herring?

Never mind that Obama has us in a third war, the left wants to keep blaming Bush for everything—from war to the economy. It’s become trite and boring. Every American is against war, poverty, injustice, etc. Neither party has all the answers, and there is no clear solution—perhaps there is no solution. War is part of human nature and has been, and always will be, part of life. I’m thankful we live in a country that allows—not gives—one the opportunity to be self-made. Some are not pleased with the result, and they wish to blame others—mostly the rich.

Then there are politicians that capitalize on the blame game condemning the most productive amongst us while exploiting those that truly need assistance. One of those career politicians is 70 yr old Senator Bill Nelson. He has a long career of keeping the hope alive without delivering any meaningful solutions, just more of the same smoke and mirrors with little progress. He would like you to give him another 6 yr go at it—really? Is he another Ted Kennedy who would rather die in office than get a life? Nelson and Kennedy fit rather nicely in the same paragraph…ditto Obama. Ditto on the war also. So, is it Bush’s war or a red herring? I’m smelling dead fish.

Currently we are all caught-up in this labyrinth of career politicians chanting hyperbole to stir up anger, fear and hate. As long is there is up and down, and hot and cold, there will be disagreement, but it should be honest disagreement. That’s why they all have to goooh. When will the liberals wake up?

Peace is in the heart, not in the world. May you find peace in your heart,

Red Dog


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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6 Responses to Bush’s War or Red Herring?

  1. nemo235 says:

    But bush is responsible for the economy crumbling an the wars in Iraq and afgahnistan.

    • You missed my point; war is as much a part of life as air. Most libs denounce war when a republican makes the decision and use it as a political knife, but then seem okay with it when it’s their guy—they are just as incongruent when it comes to the price of gas at the pump. Currently gas is more than twice what it was when Bush was in office, and then their mantra was “Evil Bush and evil oil companies”. Now, it’s not so much Obama’s fault, and most on the left think his polices have no effect on prices.

      Like I said, never mind that O has us in another war, Bush started it. By-the by, on blaming Bush for the crumbling economy, it was a democrat congress that created the bubble and failure of the housing market by encouraging banks to loan money to those who could not afford them—under the guise of fairness. And don’t forget the biggest hit our economy has ever had during 9-11. Blame Bush for that one too, but it was scheduled during Clinton’s party years in the white house.

      Thanks for sharing 235,
      Red Dog out…

  2. nemo235 says:

    do’t get me wrong, Im not much of an Obama fan. His fundamental change of foriegn policy never happened. The problem is most americans are in to Party worship. I know that atleast in my lifetime so far, there hasn’t been a decent president from either party. Both sides need to stop bickering, throw out their agenda and start listening to the people that pay their checks.

    • Red Dog says:

      We’re on the same page there. I was never pleased with Bush after his first couple of years. My site is about the change this country really needs; ridding us of career politicians, bloated government and restoring the fundamentals this country was built on. I wish the dems (the liberals never will) would join that fight, but most seem to be into “what can the government do for me”.

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