Atlas Shrugged—the Terrible Movie

Obama Shrugged—the terrible reality.

Atlas Shrugged, written by Ayn Rand, is finally on the big screen and the scream from the left can be heard across the country. Did anyone think the left was going to like it? I wish they could be as critical about Big O, big government, big gas prices, and big colossal debt. 

All I can say is, it’s about time…mostly because the book is a seminal writing that encapsulates American ingenuity, determination, and guts. Not that other cultures lack any of those traits—what they lack is the foundation to let those traits become reality. As history has proven, government can stifle growth and prosperity. It’s been moving down that narrow path for more than 50 years in our country—and most stand by and do nothing. Ayn Rand’s book cleverly exposes the secret bureaucratic betrayal of the American people, and it is the poor who pay the price.

America’s rise to a world power took less than 200 yrs, and now it is beginning to fade as big  government rules the people. Atlas Shrugged highlights the battle between citizens and government, and illustrates one womans determination to keep the American dream alive.

Although the book is a long, hard read, it is worth the time and should be required reading in our schools. I can’t image the movie doing a better job of getting the message across as well as the book does. Most of the reviewers (myopic liberals) say the movie is terrible—that translates into “it’s hitting home on a lot of conservative topics” and is probably at least 10 times better than they’re reporting. Some reviewers said it was the worst movie they have never seen. I’ll give a conservative point of review view, but I’ll actually go see it first.

I’ll keep my writing short and defer to a well written piece by Fred Barnes in “The Weekly Standard”. Now, I’ll go see the movie, and perhaps pick up a copy of The Fountainhead, which is also written by Ayn Rand.


Obama Shrugged


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