Bill Nelson 2012 and Term Limits

A writer recently posted a comment on  a piece I wrote about discouraging donations to the RNC or PAC, (both are National money gathering machines for the Republican Party). The writer agreed with not funding the “Machine” aka the RNC. He also made some good points as he argued against my stance on Term Limits. I’m open for discussion on term limits as this is vital to saving our country.  His comments are in Italics below, and here is a link to his post “Opposing Term Limits”. Please read my rebuttal written below his comments.

Mark Affleck wrote:

I appreciate your opinion and your stated goals are impeccable. I too will not be donating funds to the Republican Party. Unfortunately I disagree with you on Term Limits.

To read Mark’s argument against Term Limits: Click here.

Red Dog rebuttal:

Mark, I understand your position on term limits and I agree with many of the points made against limiting time in public office. They sound good in theory, but fail the test of time. The strongest argument against term limits seems to be “term limits tend to destroy the motive for good behavior.”

We currently have career politicians whose only interest is to stay in office, and they are caught up in the system that buys their votes and silences any and all opposition. We, the people, are told (actually sold) who to vote for through slick promotion, liberal news media, and demonizing any and all opposition. Their love of power is so strong many politicians die of old age while in office—Ted Kennedy comes to mind.

Now we have Senator Bill Nelson following this path of riding the wave of moneyed supporters and power grabbers. If Nelson is reelected in 2012 he will reach the ripe (and I do mean ripe) old age of 76 years before his term is up, and—if still in good heath—will be reelected for another 6 years. It’s a good gig and obviously not a tough a job.

Politicians, all for more

My main point for term limits is to shake up the current aristocracy. It will take drastic measures to oust the power brokers currently running our country. It’s time we began thinking outside-the-box. One final point; this is not a Republican/Democrat debate and does not favor one party over the other. In fact, it may encourage more unity, more civil discourse, and who knows—maybe the opportunity for a third party. One can only hope—no, one can only vote. Now get out there and promote term limits! (Please).


Here are a few links to informative sites on Term Limits


Citizens for Term Limits

Tenure Corrupts


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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3 Responses to Bill Nelson 2012 and Term Limits

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  2. Now that’s good journalism. Many thanks for considering my viewpoint. Let’s look at this from every angle so we know exactly what our actions are likely to achieve. I think we all have the same goal here. We all want TRUE representative government. I’ll be posting on the ill affects of the 17th Amendment sometime this week. That issue may shed some light on how we got to this sorry state.

  3. Thanks fedx, I’ll enjoy the exchange and just maybe our small blog contribution will help make a difference in bringing civility to the governing party.

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