Future Violence and Responsibility

This article, by Michael Bowler, was written in response to another article concerning the possibility of future violence, from within, by communist activists:

Americans are still largely in the dark about the true nature of our current political landscape. Glenn Beck’s audience has only a few million regular viewers and listeners as compared to the US population of around 300 million. If you give reasonable thought to the circumstances, perhaps as many as three times Glenn’s audience are aware, basically, of the problem/situation (I’m being generous). Let’s call that 25 million (really generous), we are left with 275 million who are either unaware, or on the other side of the issue. Are YOU scared yet? Of that 275 million, probably 150 million have been spoon fed the most unflattering parts of history concerning the US and its founding documents and concept of government.

Take the Time

People, we have a long uphill climb to spread the truth about the concept of individual liberty, and what that means in terms of self-government, taxation, and individual responsibility. To be fair to history and the truth, in spite of the progressive indoctrination in our schools, some or even much of our concept of individual rights are understood, at least partially, by most people. Both sides therefore have some strong foundation to work with—thus, the situation is not impossible, just very difficult. Take the time with those you know to discuss and better understand the values and principles that gave birth to the ideals of our Constitution. Take the time to instill these precepts into everyday life. The values we hold dearly need to be part of our everyday life and interactions within our communities, that is the means by which we can teach the philosophies that root us in a democratic constitutional republic.

Promised Utopia

A good and just society of responsible individuals, capable of self-governance, is not something that can be forced on an uneducated and unwilling public. This kind of society must be willingly entered into by the persons involved. The communist and socialist groups aligned against us are keenly aware that their power is much simpler to use. A few at the top know what’s required to do and the masses just have to follow and get their promised utopia at the end when their leaders give it to them. Awkwardly put, I know, but think: The masses of people who follow communist beliefs are really out for a world where they are not required to be responsible for their own shortcomings, where the “collective- will” care for them when they fail, ergo security from failure. Their leaders understand this is an exercise in poverty and mediocrity, and power for an elite few. We, mostly, understand this too. That is why many oppose this philosophy. It requires reason and education to be an ardent supporter of individualism because it requires more personal responsibility on the part of everyone for a society, such as the founding fathers envisioned, to be functional. Self-governance is work.

Not Their Fault

Go forth and educate your fellow Americans, remember that most of those who embrace the ideals of socialism are unaware of the true pitfalls of the philosophy. It’s not their fault—they just don’t yet understand what they stand to lose.

What intrigued me most about this piece is the heart-felt sincerity the author conveyed without anger or meaningless details. So many Americans’ feel this same sentiment, but quite frankly, many do not understand the danger our country is in and they certainly do not recognize the players. If 2010 fails as a wake-up call, the world will continue to lose the last bastion of true freedom. I have faith and I have determination.

Thank you Michael for your contribution and vision,

Red Dog…



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