Michael Berry KTRH 740 Radio

This is a must hear video. It’s too good not to pass around until everyone wakes to the message. This is going YouTube viral 

Bonus picture, priceless

I hope she hires a decorator for the white house

I will not pull your underware out of your A#$


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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10 Responses to Michael Berry KTRH 740 Radio

  1. micheal brown says:

    you are a looser. A stupid ass red neck. You can’t change destiny. Looser Looser

    • Mr brown, you can’t even spell loser, how can you expect us dumb red necks to take you seriously?

    • bc says:

      Looser. I mean Loozer. Wait, no. You’re a Luzer. Damn. You are a Loozar. Give me a minute…

      Michael Brown, YOU are a LOSER. There. I got it.

      • Ummm BC, you spelled his name wrong. I mean you spelled it right, except he spells it wrong (Micheal), which makes your spelling wrong, even though it’s spelled right…never mind. To lessen the confusion he needs to use the mane “John Doe.”

  2. Thanks Micheal, that is one of the most thoughtful, in-depth, responses I’ve ever received. Keep up the good work of showing liberal hypocrisy. By the way, next time pick out a name you can spell.
    Have a nice day,
    Red Dog, out.

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  4. Michael Berry is the premier conservative talk show host in Houston…his rants are legendary.
    Michael’s insights when calmly discussing political events are quite exceptional within the talk circuit. His show is certainly the most interesting radio I know of, look out Rush.

    AM950 2p-5p central, AM740 5p-7p central Mon-Fri, available on I heart radio.

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  6. Regina says:

    Doesnt really matter…when Jesus comes back…it all wont matter…probably should learn the basics first…love, joy peace, respect…that might have a more profound outcome on your expected and sure to come future. God Bless ya anyhow.

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