Don’t Misjudge California

California, progressive or decadent? You be the judge.

I’ve been harping on California for awhile, and I believe for good reason—they seem to be ahead of the curve concerning the direction our country is taking, and we best pay close attention. Think of California as a barometer, for lack of a better word.

Until the past several years California has been mostly on the leading edge of growth. Not only economically, but in cultural diversity, and in some ways, spirituality. As California becomes more diverse I believe it is losing its battle for morality and is spinning off into the abyss. As “progressive” California churns, there is a definite odor wafting through the air; and its an odor of moral decay. Ops, actually I’m wrong; it’s only the smell of marijuanalegalized marijuana. Now don’t misjudge Californians, they not only have good reason to legalize pot, they have a worthy cause…it’s needed for the coughers. Ops, what I really meant to say was “it’s good for the government coffers”. Also, decriminalizing marijuana will reduce prison populations as good citizens are let go from their bondage. In addition, there will be an increased opportunity for more government jobs. This is a win-win proposition. 

If legalizing marijuana is truly a financial solution to California’s debt, lets go one step further—how about legalizing it nationally. Then we can wipe out the national debt, as well.

Trust me; all this will make a lot more sense once pot is legalized.

Red Dog, out


The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change

How many characters can you identify?

 Please go to iMaksim for more details on this great cartoon and other political humor


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2 Responses to Don’t Misjudge California

  1. Rod says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure where I stand on this, but I have worked in a rehab unit here in Florida, and I can’t think of one substance abuser that hasn’t smoked pot. They say it’s not a gateway drug, but for many it is the beginning path. Besides, if the govment gets involved it will surely be another mess and more bureaucracy. I contend that a government advocating drugs and pleasures of the flesh will lead to cultural decay. Most of my friends and family, who are long time pot users, are barely functional human beings.

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