No “two step” or “side shuffle” for Rubio

I don’t attend too many political functions, but I wanted to check out Marco Rubio, and since he was only about 10 miles from my location today, it was a no-brainer. I packed up the camera and video gear and headed for Madeira beach to see what I could catch (so to speak).  When I got there I realized my battery was dead on the video camera; too bad, because I heard a couple of things that could be posted on YouTube. Also, if he went back on his word I’d have evidence showing that he is nothing more than “another politician”.

As with most politicians, they are good listeners, or at least that’s the impression they give you. Rubio was no different on that count, he listened intently, but what was impressive were how his responses reflected someone who not only listens, but truly “gets it”, as well.

Most of the topics were about the fishing industry, the oil spill, wildlife, and the impact it is having on Florida’s tourism and the Florida economy. He chastised the current administration for not responding quickly enough to the oil spill and said “there should have been an all-out effort by day three”. He also outlined several things that should have been done. I had a question, but the direction the meeting was heading didn’t seem appropriate to my topic—and since most in attendance were gulf coast commercial fisherman—I bit my tongue, and waited silently. I didn’t have to wait too long.

Soon, the topic became more general and the window of opportunity was opening. As he was responding to another question I took a step forward and raised my hand and left it there. I wanted to ask a straight forward question and see if I’d get a straight forward answer, or would it be the “common dance around” with no real answer.

I was soon called and I introduced myself and said, “I’m not on the Rubio bandwagon, yet, but I have been greasing the wheels. What I want to know is your position on term limits. He looked and spoke directly to me and didn’t throw in the “two step”, or the “side shuffle”. He directly stated that term limits are a good idea, and then he smiled and said, “Besides, if I weren’t for term limits, my wife is”… (I think she may be the boss). 

Next Florida Senator

My wife is for term limits

I like this young guy and I’m going to follow his career. I think he has what it takes—maybe even presidential.

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Red Dog, Out


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I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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