Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

Harmony through cooperation

September 11, 2009

Dear Senator Nelson,

The bush administration acquiesced to liberal policies during his administration and the republican congress didn’t have enough power (or guts) to push through conservative principles. They realize that 40% of the non working voters want more government services and they have to kowtowed to these voter groups to keep their selves in the game. It didn’t work for republicans and it will no longer work for you.  Socialism is like yeast. It keeps growing, but has no real support without something to feed on. Those with voting records like yours have slowly killed capitalism over the past 25 years (e.g., Detroit). I think many do not know because they were too young or perhaps they have forgotten. Or has happened so slowly no one has noticed? It’s like boiling a frog.  Put it in lukewarm water and turn the heat up slowly.

Government has gotten too large, too powerful and laws have become too punitive for small business. Law suites waste time and eat resources like rats in a dumpster. Some of us remember the days when you didn’t have to listen to lawyers’ ambulance chasing on TV. Some are too young to remember mom and pop grocery stores or office supply. Even the local pet store is becoming a part of history.

Since Obama was elected we have turned the final corner toward socialism. For me it represents the death of America as viewed historically. We will blend into the rest of the world and our greatness will have been in our past. Cub scouts, girl scouts, sand lot ball… all memories. I remember the anger I felt when radicals (the bill ayers type) burned flags in open protest. Never would I have burned an American flag. I may have disagreed with what was happening during those years, but I didn’t hate America. The balwins and Moore’s et al, threatened if Bush were elected they would leave for a better country. Damn, I hate broken promises. Obama is right, change is coming. Viewing the bigger, more controlling, government does all, is all, ideology of the current administration, it has come time to take down the flag, fold it properly, place it in a drawer and wait until the American people are ready to rise up in revolt to take back our country from lawyers and politicians that are using it for personal power and financial gain. We have all but taken “God bless America” from our culture and heritage. The flag is rightfully next in line to go by the way side.

As a politician, you have fallen into this trap of voting for that which brings you to power. We need less special interests groups controlling policy. The time is now. We will remember on Election Day and the people will impose Term Limits.

Thank you for your time,


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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