We aren't Americans anymore

Thanks to Doc Austin for this summation of the current Administration and those who voted for them. Yeah, baby, I’m hearing term limits. Red Dog out…

Street Bum in New Orleans

Where's the soup?

by Doc Austin

I think the libs never had a clue about what it means to be an American, probably because they are so anxious to force us to become something else…something less.

You want your rights? You want your freedom? Then you have to fight for it and you have to die for it. And for the gutless pacifists out there, you have to kill for it because that’s the only way you stop evil people. That’s how our forefathers and our grandfather and our fathers secured it for this generation that is so gleeful to give it away for nothing.

My father fought and my uncles died in WWII for our freedom and safety, just so these clowns can throw it away like it cost nothing. They fought and they died so we could come out free me with the upper hand to keep it from happening again… just so these clowns can sign it away to people who to turn it to their advantage.

Think not? The moment America signed a treaty against biological weapons, the soviets (who also signed the treaty) built a giant complex and manufactured enough anthrax to kill every living thing on the planet, but they are going to cut their nukes now? The Russians aren’t going to even slow down. They will just hide it like they did before, and maybe even build more. They have no intention of honoring any treaty they enter into.

One of my uncles had dysentery and went in his pants, but they were under such intense fire he couldn’t change them for six weeks and just had to walk around like with a frozen brick in his johns—all while he was getting shelled and shot at—and now that freedom he fought and suffered so hard for means nothing to the people who are steering us up onto the reef.

My other uncle rescued three men from the burning boiler room while he was on fire himself, only to be tossed into the salt water so the burns would get festered and infected; he died a long, agonizing death. He’d have been luckier if a shark had just eaten him, but that sure happened to enough of our guys anyway. It took him weeks to die, Weeks, burned to a crisp, infected, and rotting in some un-air conditioned snit hole in Florida during the summer…and they were out of morphine.

Yeah, I dream of dying like that, don’t the rest of you? How about dying like that for nothing, because that’s the price obama just put on it. Now, obama and his gleeful accomplices on capital hill don’t seem to think the sacrifices of corpsmen (he can’t even pronounce it correctly) means anything anymore.

But yeah, that don’t mean squat when we can give it all away and feel good about ourselves, like we’re good citizens of the world instead of the rulers freeing people—fought and earned. It’s something they seem to not appreciate.

And now we agree not to use nuclear weapons on those who attack us? Why did we fight and work so hard to develop it if we are just going to turn around and give that advantage away? That’s what keeps these countries from crossing us…we can vaporize them at will and if we don’t stay that strong, some day, somehow, those evil people will come take our freedom away…that is, if obama doesn’t beat them to it. Why not? We aren’t fighting back now. Even if obama fails, we will just roll over next time and let them kill us and take our freedom.

We have forgotten that you have to fight for your freedom. It came too easy for us because it was there for us when we were born. The price was already paid, but this generation is too selfish and too passified [sic] (polite version) to fight for their children’s future. Our generation is despicable cowards.

Do the Japanese cross us in any way, shape, or form? Hell no, they don’t. They know better because their asses still burn from the beat down we laid on them for attacking us, but that consequence will no longer be there for anyone else who wants to try it. When that happens we’ll be forced to send in hundreds of thousands of our children into a war we don’t intend to win.

Think Vietnam was a quagmire? Think again now it’s more important in war to not kill any supposed innocents than it is to kill the enemy. Quagmire has been redefined, yet again.

It’s just sickening the libs place no value in what our fathers fought and died for. It’s sickening that we aren’t Americans anymore.

We’re not. We’re something less. Deal with it.

Doc Austin


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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2 Responses to We aren't Americans anymore

  1. Rod says:

    Might I add, when your government becomes your provider, it becomes your master

  2. Red Dog says:

    …and we become the slaves. It’s time for people to read American history. How about starting with the Boston Tea Party and compare that to what is happening today. They say history repeats itself, I’m a believer. Red Dog, out…

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