Notice of discontinued employment

There is a disconnect between actions and results in Washington, D.C., leading to unintended consequences.

After March, 2010, my wife turns 62. She and I have been self employed for nearly 35 years; self sustaining and contributing not only to income tax, but all that comes with owning and operating ones own business. Sadly to say, we are no longer willing, or able, to stay in business as the economy continues to plummet. Do to the unintended effect of a failing economy she will be collecting a social security check instead of contributing to it and to society. In 2011, I will also choose to quit the ranks of small business owner and join the ranks of the unemployed. We never thought of retiring while healthy and willing to work, but we’ve tired of giving and giving and giving while the country falls apart. Part of me has surrendered to the fight. The hope and dream, lost. I have carefully taken down my country’s flag. It is now stored in a drawer, worn from years of nature and all its elements taking its toll; neither aware nor able to stop the erosion. I find it a strong metaphor of the current government intrusion and control that is overflowing beyond intentions and capability, tearing the fabric of this once great country into pieces that more resembles a patch work quilt. I no longer recognize the America where I grew up. How did God, country, and cub scouts become the minority, or worse, how did it become the scorn of so many Americans? The hope and common ground shared with neighbors is ostensibly gone. It’s as if someone has drawn a line in the sand and declared their space as special and different than mine, but with no fear, no concern, and no shame of reaching across and taking what was not earned, while calling it freedom.

I’ve always considered myself a citizen of United States of America. My mistake. There is no united in these states; only special interest groups. I’m as divided as the fractured groups that liberals call their base, e.g., unions, trial lawyers, atheists, criminals (yes the liberals own the criminal vote), environmentalists (to the extreme), ACORN, it’s a long list of single agenda ideology and self serving. Nary a thought of what is good for the rest of the country. These groups seem innocuous when examined singularly, and none have the majority of support individually. Today, divisions, never before dreamed, are now reality. They all either have their hand out for special needs or in the government pocket. It’s the money grab with the politicians leading the way. Gestalt comes to mind as he suggested the “whole is more than the sum of its parts”. When did critical thinking get subjugated by agenda?

Senator Nelson, the time has come to face reality and stop adding more and more government spending to the backs of the dwindling taxpayer. I am assuming Democrats are either ignoring the people that write their pay check or there is an agenda beyond my meager comprehension.

Many legislative decisions have unintended results. I’m pointing the finger at you, Senator Bill Nelson, but no one is blameless. Conservatives have had weak knees since before Clinton. Least you forget, JFK was a liberal democrat and I believe he would be ashamed at what we have become.  I am discontinuing my employment, but not the fight for freedom and equality.


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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