Time to Burn the American Flag?

The bush administration acquiesced to social liberal policies and the republican congress didn’t have enough power (or guts) to push conservative principles. They realize 40% of the non working voters want more government services and they have to cow toe to these voting blocks to keep their selves in the game. Shame on them, for they are to blame. Besides, it is now obvious that becoming more liberal didn’t help the republicans. And, in reality, it will not help them in this year’s election. Even though they will take a lot of democrat seats, it’s because people are running away from the Democrats, not running to the republicans. Term Limits is one way of getting some of the deadwood, like Senator Bill Nelson, out of office.  Jst like Ted Kennedy, he thinks he owns the seat. 

Socialism is like yeast. It keeps growing, but has no real support without money (capitalism) to serve it. We have slowly killed capitalism over the past 30-40 years (e.g., Detroit). Where most of us disagree is how socialism affects economies. By historic prospective, it seems socialism relies on a money tree, whereas capitalism relies on free economies. Capitalism feeds creativity and motivation, while socialism stifles creativity and motivation. One would think we could find a balance, but gluttony kills both when out of control. I think many do not know because they were too young or have forgotten. Or maybe change is likened to boiling a frog.  Put him in lukewarm water and turn the heat up slowly.

Laws have become too punitive for small business and there are too many law suits. Some of us remember the days when you didn’t have to listen to lawyers’ ambulance chasing on TV. While they have grown small business has failed as in “mom and pop” grocery stores, office supply, and local hardware stores. Even the family pet store is becoming a part of history. The individual is dead…pockets of fringe groups are pushing agendas. And for every conservative group there are 10 liberal groups. It’s probably more like 20-1. As in Acorn, NOW, ACLU, PETA, NY Times, Move on, DSA, to name a few of the more known groups. Yes, I did include the “New York Times” as a liberal group.

I believe Obama is attempting to turn the final corner toward socialism. For me it will represent the death of America as looked at historically. We will slowly blend in and become like rest of the world. It won’t happen quickly and our children will grow up not knowing the difference. Our greatness will have been in our past. Cub scouts, girl scouts, and sandlot ball are all memories. I remember when gas was…uhhh, never mind. Damn I’m sounding old.  I remember the anger I felt when radicals (the Bill Ayers type) burned flags in open protests. Never would I have burned an American flag. I may have disagreed with what was happening during those years during the 70s’, but I didn’t hate the American system.

The Baldwin’s and Moore’s et al, threatened if Bush were elected they would leave for a better country. Damn, I hate broken promises. Obama is right, change is coming. If Obama serves a second term it will be time to burn the American flag. Not out of protest, but for a different reason. I will burn my flag in symbolism of a death. I will do it in private and there will be a tear in my eye. We have all but taken “God Bless America” from our culture and heritage. The flag is rightfully next in line to go by the way side.


About The Conservative Defender

I'm part of the new anomaly—conservative activism. Brought to you by liberal government and, more specifically, Senator Bill Nelson. Term limits will end career politicians' reign on the American people.
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